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小丸ふらい Komaru Fry (broad beans)

Top signature product Komaru Fry, pancake and cookie-like texture with a unique broad beans flavour, best for personal, office and home snacks, healthy, crunchy, delicious and low in fat!


小丸ピ􏰄 Komarupi (peanuts)

Top signature and original product Komarupi, pancake and cookie-like texture with peanuts, very popular snacks among adults and children, crunchy, delicious and healthy! 


カルルス Karurusu

Crispy and thin Pancakes Karurusu, delicious afternoon snacks, can be served plain or with other combinations (such as caramel, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey, etc.) , great choice for afternoon tea and coffee.


スフ􏰋チ􏰄ズせんべ いSouffle Cheese Sanbei

Souffle Cheese Sanbei is a delicious crispy cracker with strong cheese flavour, serves as a popular snack among adults and kids.

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